White Swan

White Swan

One of the roses that were frequently exported to the U.S. to the Jackson & Perkins, with whom Jac Verschuren’s wife had established contacts. This collaboration reached its peak in the 1950s.

White Swan Hybrid Tea. (H. Verschuren; introduced by Jackson & Perkins Co. 1952). ‘ Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria x white seedling… white blooms… Glossy foliage… (from: American Rose Annual, 1952, pg. 264).

White Swan (Verschuren Pechtold, 1951). Blanc pur et conseillées pour fleurs coupées de plein air – (from: Pépinières et Roseraies Pajotin-Chédane – Catalog Général.



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As rose euro 15,-
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Best time to plant in autumn as bare root, soil is warm and moist.

If in pot, shipping costs to be determined, please contact contact about this.

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