Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren

Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren

A rose, named after the founder of rose nursery Jac Verschuren-Pechtold and father of Harrie Verschuren, his successor, in memory of him.

Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren (Jac Verschuren-Pechtold, 1949) – Rich apricot center shading to old gold with a deeper reverse. The buds are of good shape, while growth is vigorous and clean. – (from: The New Roses of 1953 – Australian Rose Annual – Harry H. Hazlewood)

Parmi les exposants allemands, Willi Binz de Baden exposait des vases de roses comme Queen Juliane, orange rouge : Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren, jaune orangé; Katharina Pechthold, rose. – (from: Les Roses au Floralies Gantoises).



Unit prices

As rose euro 15,-
As a climbing rose Euro 20,-
As standard rose euro 25,-

Best time to plant in autumn as bare root, soil is warm and moist.

If in pot, shipping costs to be determined, please contact contact about this.

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