Rosa Verschuren

Rosa Verschuren

Dark pink. Strong smell. Blooms all season.

10th (!) and last child of H.A.Verschuren, born on May 20, 1898, married Hapsenaar Johannes van der Sterren on February 28, 1924 and died on June 1, 1975 in Mill. ‘Straight forward’ was her motto, her ‘Leitmotiv’. She stood up for her right and defended it openly, in front of everyone, without respect of persons and without mincing words. A rose with her name is therefore a worthy reminder of this special woman.

Verschuren 1904. Light silvery pink, bowl-shaped, semi-double flowers, ± 8 cm. in diameter. The only rose with variegated leaves, grey-green with yellow and white. Flowering shrub.



Unit prices

As rose euro 15,-
As a climbing rose Euro 20,-
As standard rose euro 25,-

Best time to plant in autumn as bare root, soil is warm and moist.

If in pot, shipping costs to be determined, please contact contact about this.

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