Queen Wilhelmina

Queen Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria (The Hague, 31 August 1880 – Apeldoorn, 28 November 1962), Princess of the Netherlands (1880-1890, 1948-1962), Princess of Orange-Nassau and Duchess of Mecklenburg (1901-1962), was 23 November 1890 to September 4, 1948 Queen of the Netherlands and reigned under the name Wilhelmina. She married her second cousin Hendrik van Mecklenburg-Schwerin. One daughter was born from this marriage: Juliana.

Wilhelmina was the only child of King Willem III of the Netherlands and Queen Emma. From 1890 until her eighteenth birthday in 1898, her mother was regent. During the Second World War she fled to England. Due to Wilhelmina’s health problems, Crown Princess Juliana was regent for a total of 157 days in 1947 and 1948. Wilhelmina was queen of the Netherlands for almost 58 years, but in fact she reigned a little less than fifty years. Nevertheless, she is by far the longest-serving Dutch head of state ever.

Grown by Hendrikus “Hens” Antoni Verschuren (NL 1904)

A perennial tea hybrid with large double salmon-pink flowers with copper-coloured shades.



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