Etoile de Hollande

Etoile de Hollande

Listed as one of the most fragrant roses, 1 flower spike in the vase and it scents the whole room.

As a Climbing Rose 4 to 6m high, one of the few climbing roses that continues to bloom throughout the season.

The qualities of this (climbing) rose are the strongly scented, velvety, dark red, classically shaped flowers. Flowering for a long time and continuing to bloom until late autumn. The large leaves are dark green and glossy. Its greatest merit is its fragrance: the scent of the old roses, deep and strong.

Horace McFarland wrote in Roses of the World in Color in 1937
“If there were to be but one red rose admitted into the small garden, it might easily be ‘Etoile de Hollande’, which, both fragrant and fine endures many things and always does itself credit.

All new red roses are compared with this, the standard of excellence”.

Warm crimson red with a particularly sweet strong scent. Richly flowering, weather resistant and vigorous growing. Blooms until late summer. A rich and beautiful rose. 500cm. The very beautifully formed, loosely filled, velvet donklim, re-flowering.



Unit prices

As rose euro 15,-
As a climbing rose Euro 20,-
As standard rose euro 25,-

Best time to plant in autumn as bare root, soil is warm and moist.

If in pot, shipping costs to be determined, please contact contact about this.

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