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Amsterdam owes its Golden Rose Award to the color combination of orange-red flowers with dark red leaves.

Rosa Verschuren

Verschuren 1904. Rosa Verschuren is the only rose with variegated leaves, grey-green with yellow and white. Flowering shrub.

Dancing Butterflies

The Dancing Butterflies belongs to the 'Waterfall roses'. A lightly scented rose, with a very long flowering period.

Dries Verschuren

Dries is named after HA his father and is also the family name of the first heir for generations.

Etoile de Hollande

Very beautifully formed, loosely filled, velvety dark red flowers have a strong and sweet scent. Beautiful and unique climbing tea rose!

Fanny Blankers Koen

Long pointed buds that open into semi-double fragrant, rich orange-yellow flowers with a red-yellow back: red veining.

Queen Wilhelmina

A perennial tea hybrid with large double salmon-pink flowers with copper-coloured shades.


The Poker is a dark pink hybrid tea rose with a strong scent. This rose blooms all season long.

Apricot Queen Elizabeth

Apricot Queen Elizabeth starts blooming with a pink glow and blooms into a light yellow hue.

Souvenir de H.A. Verschuren

Deep yellow to golden yellow, darker center. Very large, full (26-40 petals), usually solitary inflorescence.

Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren

Salmon-orange, back darker. Large, double (17-25 petals) inflorescence. Blooms all season.

White Swan

White Swan was the bridal bouquet at the wedding of Harry (3rd generation rose breeders) and Tineke Verschuren-Hendrikse.

Waterfall roses

The Waterfall roses is a group of climbing roses and consists of 7 varieties. The Waterfall roses have been bred by Ted Verschuren.

Souvenir de H.A. Verschuren

Diepgeel tot goudgeel, donkerder centrum. Zeer grote, volle (26-40 bloemblaadjes), meestal solitaire bloeivorm.

Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren

Zalm-oranje, achterzijde donkerder. Grote, dubbele (17-25 bloemblaadjes) bloeivorm. Bloeit het hele seizoen.

White Swan

White Swan was het bruidsboeket bij het huwelijk van Harry (3e generatie rozenveredelaars) en Tineke Verschuren-Hendrikse.

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Collection Verschuren