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Our collection of garden roses is special for several reasons. Since 1875, these rose varieties have been bred one by one by all generations of the well-known Verschuren rose growers from Haps. The oldest rose in the Verschuren Collection in our range dates back to 1899.

H.A. Verschuren started later in life as a rose grower in Haps, after he had said goodbye to education there as head of the school. In 1888 he wrote and published the 156 (!) page standard work ‘De Roos’; a reference book full of rose information about growing and caring for ‘The Queen of Flowers’. In 1902 the ‘Provinciale Noordbrabantsche en ‘s Hertogenbossche newspaper’ wrote: “It is a pleasure to walk around among those fields with roses. In addition, the nursery is located on high, sandy soil, which means that the roses want to continue growing on any soil.”

His passion for growing roses was apparently not linked to generations, because his sons, grandsons and great (great) grandsons also found their way into roses. The rose ‘Souvenir de H.A.Verschuren’ is tangible proof of this, as is the fact that many roses grown through the generations of Verschuren do have a reference to the family: Nelly Verschuren, Rosa Verschuren, Dries Verschuren, Neervelt, Souvenir de Jacques Verschuren , Hens Verschuren, Maria Verschuren, Mrs. Verschuren, Verschuren’s glow, Verschuren’s Pink, Verschuren’s Liebling, Catharina Pechtold, etc.

A family history in rose names. And naming that also indicates the international character and ambitions of the rose growers, because roses from the ‘Collection Verschuren’ ® can be found in gardens and rosaria on every continent. Roses, some of which are over a hundred years old and are still sought after and loved. That is the reason for our company to continue to grow and cherish these roses with love, so that they can also occupy a special place in your garden or rosarium in the 21st century.

At the moment we have more than 90 different types in our ‘Collection Verschuren’ ®. This website only shows a small part of our range. Of course we are happy to talk to you and provide you with information about buying and caring for these roses.

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A blooming history

The story of the Hapse rose history begins in 1875. Or rather earlier, when teacher H.A. (Hens) Verschuren from Dreumel started in Haps in 1867 as head of the village school. He spent every free hour in the greenhouse next to the master’s house. There, Hens experimented with breeding roses.

One of his creations was the “Etoile de Hollande”, a dark red rose. His hobby slowly grew into his own business. Growing roses took Hens so much that teaching was neglected. When the inspector of education noticed this, he presented him with a choice: teach or cultivate. Hens followed his heart.

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The Verschuren's

The work of Hens Verschuren has been important for rose cultivation in the Netherlands. He was the first to write a booklet about growing roses in 1888, entitled ‘De Roos’. His knowledge and experience earned him an honorary title: The doyen of Dutch rose cultivation. In the Kasteeltuinen in Arcen, his bust stands among the most important breeders in the world. In 1925, the nursery received an important rating: the predicate Royal Supplier. And since 1975, the company can even call itself ‘Royal’.

Royal Nurseries H.A. Sanding & Zonen supplies a wide range of roses.

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